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    Find Core modules in a package

    This package helps you find the core modules used by a node package. It gives a Green Flag if the package or it's dependency doesn't use a single core module of node.

    Currently, this script only runs for OSX.


    Node Script:

    To use this utility package,

    npm run check <package-name>

    this commad logs it to the default_logger.log file

    If user wants to log to a custom log file

    npm run check <package-name> --log-file <filename>

    Bash Script ( for OSX users)

    Note: Please install the dependency: ag aka the-silver-searcher before running the script

    ./ <package-name> [--rmlog]

    The optional --rmlog flag removes the log file after execution if the user doesn't need it.


    $ ./ clearblade
    + clearblade@1.12.2
    added 118 packages in 4.894s
    Creating a temporary directory and a log file, the core modules will be listed here log_f931da8f79fc354127a21164a10a95a6.txt, if there are any
    Currently checking for these core modules of node:
     net fs async_hooks assert buffer child_process console constants crypto cluster dgram dns domain events fs http http2 https inspector module net os path perf_hooks process punycode querystring readline repl stream string_decoder sys timers tls tty url util v8 vm zlib
    Red Flag - has few core modules, check log_f931da8f79fc354127a21164a10a95a6.txt

    Contents of the log file look like:

    duplexify/test.js:4:var net = require('net')
    forever-agent/index.js:6:  , net = require('net')
    mqtt/mqtt.js:15:  net = require('net')


    npm i core-module-finder

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