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Cordova Proximity Quick Start

A starting project for the Cordova Proximity Plugin.

  • After launching the app, you can start monitoring or ranging beacons by pressing the similarly named buttons on the second and the third tabs of the application.

  • The messages produced by iOS will get populated on the first tab.

  • To see any of the aforementioned in action, you have to edit the properties of the monitored/ranged beacon either by typing them in on the device's keyboard, or modifying the default values in the source code (see the .html files).


After a clean checkout, make sure to add one or all of the supported platforms and the plugin itself before running.

# Install NPM dependencies
npm install

# Running a gulp task which will run bower
node ./node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js install

# Adds iOS as a platform to your project
cordova platform add ios 

# Installs the proximity plugin from GitHub
cordova plugin add

# Opens the project in XCode, where you can run it
open platforms/ios/Cordova\ Proximity\ Quickstart.xcodeproj


After making a change to the Javascript/SCSS code, execute gulp default ; cordova prepare in order to compile your styles and copy your changes into the platform directories. This is necessary before you'll be able to see the changes on a device.