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OpenTokJS Cordova Plugin

A Cordova plugin to enable use of OpenTok on the iOS, Android, and Browser platforms.

WARNING: This plugin is prerelease quality for versions less than 1.0.0.


Using the Cordova CLI:

$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-opentokjs --save --shrinkwrap


The version of the opentok.js SDK included into your project can be specified by a platform preference in your config.xml:

<preference name="OpentokClientVersion" value="v2"/>

The default version string is "v2". It behaves similar to semantic versioning. You can accept more updates automatically by being less specific: "v2" matches versions greater than or equal to "v2.0.0" and less than "v3.0.0". You can restrict updates by being more specific: "v2.6.0" matches just that version.

Example applications

Basic Example app:

Ionic example:

About this Plugin

How is this different from the com.tokbox.cordova.opentok plugin?

The goal of this plugin is be as maintainable and portable as possible. During development of the com.tokbox.cordova.opentok plugin, it became apparent that the amount of effort it would take to maintain a JavaScript wrapper layer which mimicked the official opentok.js SDK, even as the SDK kept receiving changes and updates, was not sustainable for the community. In response to this observation, this plugin takes a drastically different approach to architecture.

The approach is to run the official opentok.js client SDK, with as few changes as possible, on top of lower level plugins that present the standard WebRTC based APIs. This is possible thanks to projects such as Crosswalk by Intel Corporation and the cordova-plugin-iosrtc plugin from eFace2Face, Inc.

Any source transformations to the official opentok.js client SDK that are applied within this plugin should hopefully go away as the lower level implementations come closer to standards and the SDK becomes more generalized to support these types of use cases.

Known Limitations


  • The library must be loaded manually after ensuring the iosrtc globals are inserted first. See sample below:

    function onDeviceReady() {
      if (window.device.platform === 'iOS') {
        window.OT = cordova.require('cordova-plugin-opentokjs.OpenTokClient');
      // You can now use OT
  • Denying access to the camera or microphone after it is requested (iOS's permission prompt) will cause a crash.

  • A publisher's view is not size properly. It behaves similar to fitMode: 'contain', where the image is letter/pillar boxed into the size of the publisher element. This might also affect subscriber streams from other devices, but remains to be tested.

  • You cannot draw any UI over the video streams. This is a limitation imposed by the fact that the rendering is always done in a UIView over top of the Cordova web view.

  • Building the project in Xcode requires special care. See the instructions inside the iosrtc project.



  • When resizing or moving any publisher/subscriber elements (with contained <video> elements), you will need to call the cordova.plugins.iosrtc.refreshVideos() method after the DOM operation to reposition the UIViews that are over top of the web view.


Please file a GitHub Issue for any questions you might have. Someone from the community will try to assist you when possible. This project is a community-based effort and not supported by TokBox, Inc. Please be patient and constructive.


There are a few ways you can help contribute to this project:

  • If you find a bug, please file it in the GitHub Issues page. Be descriptive and include steps to reproduce the problem (sample code if possible).

  • If you have feature requests, file it in the Github Issues page. If you already see the feature you desire listed, feel free to comment within the conversation.

  • If you can offer a change or a fix, we ❤️ pull requests! If its a large change, please try to start a discussion on the GitHub Issues before spending too much time on the work, so that you can get an idea of if the maintainers would be able to merge the changes. If its something small, such as documentation, tests, etc., go ahead and send the changes as a PR. See the development guidelines below.


You must have node, npm, and gulp installed to develop for this package. Run npm install before beginning work.

Any changes scripts should happen in the scripts-src directory. Before committing changes, run the gulp scripts command to build the version for the scripts directory.


npm i cordova-plugin-opentokjs

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