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    A cordova plugin adding the iOS TouchID to your app and allowing you to store a password securely in the device keychain.

    This fork removes the Android code. It is specifically for users who already have a separate Android Fingerprint plugin installed, and using the original version of this plugin would create clashes.


    Automatically (CLI / Plugman)

    Compatible with Cordova Plugman, compatible with PhoneGap 3.0 CLI, here's how it works with the CLI (backup your project first!):

    From npm:

    $ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-keychain-touch-id-ios
    $ cordova prepare

    The latest, from the master repo:

    $ cordova plugin add
    $ cordova prepare

    touchid.js is brought in automatically. There is no need to change or add anything in your html.


    1. Add the following xml to your config.xml in the root directory of your www folder:

    <feature name="TouchID">
      <param name="ios-package" value="TouchID" />

    You'll need to add the LocalAuthentication.framework and Security.framework to your project. Click your project, Build Phases, Link Binary With Libraries, search for and add the frameworks.

    2. Grab a copy of TouchID.js, add it to your project and reference it in index.html:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/touchid.js"></script>

    3. Download the source files and copy them to your project.

    iOS: Copy the four .h and two .m files to platforms/ios/<ProjectName>/Plugins

    Base on the original touch ID created by different people

    Cordova plugin for interacting with iOS touchId and keychain


    Make sure you check if the plugin is installed

    if (window.plugins.touchid) {

    Call the function you like

    isAvailable(successCallback(biometryType), errorCallback(msg)) will Check if touchid is available on the used device. The successCallback gets the biometryType argument with 'face' on iPhone X, 'touch' on other devices.

    save(key,password, successCallback, errorCallback(msg)) will save a password under the key in the device keychain, which can be retrieved using a fingerprint. userAuthenticationRequired if true will save after authentication with fingerprint, if false there's no need to authenticate to save. Default to true, if not set.

    verify(key,message,successCallback(password), errorCallback(errorCode)) will open the fingerprint dialog, for the given key, showing an additional message. successCallback will return the password stored in key chain. errorCallback will return the error code, where -1 indicated not available.

    has(key,successCallback, errorCallback) will check if there is a password stored within the keychain for the given key

    delete(key,successCallback, errorCallback) will delete the password stored under given key from the keychain


    if (window.plugins) {
    window.plugins.touchid.isAvailable(function(biometryType) {
    var serviceName = (biometryType === "face") ? "Face ID" : "Touch ID";
    window.plugins.touchid.has("MyKey", function() {
    alert(serviceName + " avaialble and Password key available");
    }, function() {
    alert(serviceName + " available but no Password Key available");
    }, function(msg) {
    alert("no Touch ID available");
    if (window.plugins) {
        window.plugins.touchid.verify("MyKey", "My Message", function(password) {
            alert("Touch " + password);
    if (window.plugins) {"MyKey", "My Password", true, function() {
            alert("Password saved");
    if (window.plugins) {
        window.plugins.touchid.delete("MyKey", function() {
            alert("Password key deleted");


    npm i cordova-plugin-keychain-touch-id-ios

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