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    Game Center Plugin for Apache Cordova npm version

    This plugin allows developers to utilise the iOS Game Center in their Cordova / PhoneGap app.

    The code under active development and currently has support for auth, submitting a score and showing leaderboards using the native viewcontroller.

    Live demo

    See this plugin working in a live app:

    Before you start

    Adding Game Center support requires more than simple coding changes. To create a Game Center-aware game, you need to understand these basics before you begin writing code. The full outline of all the Game Center concepts and impacts can be viewed here.


    Latest published version on npm (with Cordova CLI >= 5.0.0)

    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-game-center

    Latest version from GitHub

    cordova plugin add

    You do not need to reference any JavaScript, the Cordova plugin architecture will add a gamecenter object to your root automatically when you build. It will also automatically add the GameKit framework dependency.

    PhoneGap build

    Add the following to your config.xml to use version 0.4.1 (you can also omit the version attribute to always use the latest version). You should now use the npm source:

    <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-game-center" version="0.4.1" source="npm" />

    For more information, see the PhoneGap build docs.



    You should do this as soon as your deviceready event has been fired. The plug handles the various auth scenarios for you.

    var successCallback = function (user) {
        // user.alias, user.playerID, user.displayName
    gamecenter.auth(successCallback, failureCallback);

    Fetch Player Image

    Loads the current player's photo. Automatically cached on first retrieval.

    var successCallback = function (path) {
        alert(path); // path to .jpg
    gamecenter.getPlayerImage(successCallback, failureCallback);

    Submit Score

    Ensure you have had a successful callback from gamecenter.auth() first before attempting to submit a score. You should also have set up your leaderboard(s) in iTunes connect and use the leaderboard identifier assigned there as the leaderboardId.

    var data = {
        score: 10,
        leaderboardId: "board1"
    gamecenter.submitScore(successCallback, failureCallback, data);

    Show leaderboard

    Launches the native Game Center leaderboard view controller for a leaderboard.

    var data = {
        leaderboardId: "board1"
    gamecenter.showLeaderboard(successCallback, failureCallback, data);

    NB: The period option has been removed in 0.3.0 as it is no longer supported by iOS. The default period is "all time".

    Report achievement

    Reports an achievement to the game center:

    var data = {
        achievementId: "MyAchievementName",
        percent: "100"
    gamecenter.reportAchievement(successCallback, failureCallback, data);

    Reset achievements

    Resets the user's achievements and leaderboard.

    gamecenter.resetAchievements(successCallback, failureCallback);

    Fetch achievements

    Fetches the user's achievements from the game center:

    var successCallback = function (results) {
        if (results) {
        	for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i += 1) {
    gamecenter.getAchievements(successCallback, failureCallback);


    Supports iOS 7 and iOS 8 (may have limited iOS 6 support). The Game Center is Apple specific and not applicable to other platforms.

    Please report any issues.


    MIT License


    npm i cordova-plugin-game-center

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