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A Cordova plugin which provides the CustomEvent constructor API to Android browsers


See for the full API.

The CustomEvent constructor is a relatively recent (DOM Level 4) interface to build custom DOM events, which can then be thrown and caught by registered event listeners. It is supported by Chrome and Safari, but not by the Android webview (at least as of 4.2.2). This plugin provides that interface to Android-based Cordova apps.


Cordova 2.7 or later with cordova cli and Plugman

  • Assuming you've used cordova create to create the platforms, you can use cordova plugin add directory-of-the-customEvent-plugin to add the plugin


Basic usage

var newEvent = new CustomEvent("myAwesomeEvent");

Full example

// Register an event listener
document.addEventListener("alert_needed", function(e) {
    alert("An alert was needed, so now you got one!");

// Create the custom event
var make_an_alert = new CustomEvent("alert_needed",
    { bubbles: true,
      cancelable: false,
      details: "It's a custom event"

// Fire the event

Release Notes

1.0.5 (May 5, 2015)

  • Fix typo: info.details -> info.detail

1.0.4 (April, 2014)

  • Change to being publish on NPM

1.0.3 (October 21, 2014)

  • Documentation updates.