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    Cordova AppsFlyer plugin for Android and iOS.

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    License: MIT

    🛠 In order for us to provide optimal support, we would kindly ask you to submit any issues to

    When submitting an issue please specify your AppsFlyer sign-up (account) email , your app ID , reproduction steps, code snippets, logs, and any additional relevant information.

    ⚠️ Note for Capacitor users ⚠️

    Please check out our brand new Capacitor plugin.

    This plugin is not 100% compatible for use with Capacitor! To use this plugin with Capacitor, you have to make changes and customize the code by yourself. (Feel free to fork the project)


    • Cordova AppsFlyer plugin version 4.4.0 and higher are meant to be used with cordova-android@7.0.0 and up

      For lower versions of cordova-android please use plugin version 4.3.3 available @
    • From version 6.1.10 the plugin uses cocoapods(NOT StaticLib) in order to support iOS app-kids Strict mode.

      You can read more here

    Table of content

    This plugin is built for

    • iOS AppsFlyerSDK v6.4.4
    • Android AppsFlyerSDK v6.4.3

    v6 Breaking Changes

    We have renamed the following APIs:

    Old API New API
    trackEvent logEvent
    stopTracking Stop
    trackCrossPromotionImpression logCrossPromotionImpression
    trackAndOpenStore logCrossPromotionAndOpenStore
    setDeviceTrackingDisabled anonymizeUser


    $ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-appsflyer-sdk  

    To install cordova manually check out the doc here.

    NOTE: for Ionic installation see this section

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Add or Remove Strict mode for App-kids

    Starting from version 6.1.10 iOS SDK comes in two variants: Strict mode and Regular mode. Please read more here
    Change to Strict mode

    After you installed the AppsFlyer plugin, go to the ios folder inside platform folder:

    cd platform/ios  

    open the Podfile and replace pod 'AppsFlyerFramework', '6.1.1' with pod 'AppsFlyerFramework/Strict', '6.1.1'

    Run pod install inside the ios folder

    inside xcode, go to your target and define Preprocessor Macro AFSDK_NO_IDFA=1
    Add Preprocessor macro

    • You can add the Preprocessor Macro using our Hooks.

    Change to Regular mode

    Go to the ios folder inside platform folder:

    cd platform/ios  

    open the Podfile and replace pod 'AppsFlyerFramework/Strict', '6.1.1' with pod 'AppsFlyerFramework', '6.1.1'

    Run pod install inside the ios folder

    inside xcode, go to your target and remove the Preprocessor Macro AFSDK_NO_IDFA=1

    📖 Guides

    Great installation and setup guides can be viewed here.

    🚀 Setup

    Set your App_ID (iOS only), Dev_Key and enable AppsFlyer to detect installations, sessions (app opens) and updates. > This is the minimum requirement to start tracking your app installs and is already implemented in this plugin. You MUST modify this call and provide:

    devKey - Your application devKey provided by AppsFlyer.

    appId - For iOS only. Your iTunes Application ID.

    waitForATTUserAuthorization - For iOS14 only. Time for the sdk to wait before launch.

    Add the following lines to your code to be able to initialize tracking with your own AppsFlyer dev key:

    document.addEventListener('deviceready', function() {  
      devKey: 'K2***************99', // your AppsFlyer devKey  
      isDebug: false,  
      appId: '41*****44', // your ios appID  
      waitForATTUserAuthorization: 10, //time for the sdk to wait before launch - IOS 14 ONLY!  
     }, (result) => {  console.log(result);  
     }, (error) => {  console.error(error);  
     } );  }, false);  

    📑 API

    See the full API available for this plugin.

    📱 Demo

    Check out the demo for this project here.

    There is 1 demo project called demoC, run npm run setup_c in the appsflyer-cordova-plugin folder and then open the ios project in Xcode to see implementation for IOS 14.

    Check out our Sample-App Let's cook! here if you want to implement our SDK inside React-Cordova app

    📍 Ionic

    NOTICE! In AppsFlyer Cordova plugin version 6.x.x we replaced the word track with log from all our api but Ionic-Navite Appsflyer plugin still uses track

    So the latest version that can work with Ionic-Native for now is 5.4.30

    In case you are using Ionic framework, you have 2 options:

    1. Using the window object directly

    Install the cordova plugin:

    $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-appsflyer-sdk  

    In your main ts file, declare a window variable:

    declare var window;  

    Now you can use the AppsFlyer plugin directly from cordova:

    import {Component} from '@angular/core';  
    import {Platform} from '@ionic/angular';  
    declare var window;  
    export class HomePage {  
      constructor(public platform: Platform) {  
      this.platform.ready().then(() => {  
      window.plugins.appsFlyer.initSdk(options, success, error);  
     }); }}  

    2 - Using Ionic native plugin

    Ionic 4 and 5

    run this commands:
    With Cordova:

    $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-appsflyer-sdk  
    $ npm install @ionic-native/appsflyer  

    With Capacitor:

    $ npm install cordova-plugin-appsflyer-sdk  
    $ npm install @ionic-native/appsflyer  
    ionic cap sync  

    Then add the following to app.module.ts

    import { Appsflyer } from "@ionic-native/appsflyer/ngx";  
    providers: [  

    and in your main ts file:

    import { Appsflyer } from '@ionic-native/appsflyer/ngx';  
    import {Platform} from '@ionic/angular';  
    constructor(private appsflyer: Appsflyer, public platform: Platform) { ...  
    this.platform.ready().then(() => {  
     this.appsflyer.initSdk(options); });}  

    Ionic 2/3

    If you're using Ionic 2/3, you'd need to install a previous version of the Ionic Native dependency (notice the @4 at the end of the npm install command):

    $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-appsflyer-sdk  
    $ npm install @ionic-native/appsflyer@4  

    Then add the following to app.module.ts(with no /ngx)

    import { Appsflyer } from "@ionic-native/appsflyer";  
    providers: [  

    And finally in your main ts file:

    import { Appsflyer } from '@ionic-native/appsflyer';  

    Check out the full API for more information


    npm i cordova-plugin-appsflyer-sdk

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