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    Google Analytics Firebase Plugin

    Phonegap, Cordova, Ionic, Intel XDK Google Analytics Firebase plugin for iOS/Android with full support for views, events, timings, ecommerce and social. Ionic Native on the way.

    WARNING: the previous version (1.5) is broken as Google no longer supports native app analytics without Firebase


    • A Cordova 3.0+ project for iOS and/or Android
    • A Firebase project
    • Download Google-services.json (android) and GoogleService-info.plist (ios) from Firebase console Note: Ionic Demo Project on the way.

    Platform SDK supported

    • iOS, using Google Analytics Firebase
    • Android, using Google Analytics Firebase

    Quick start

    To install this plugin, follow the Command-line Interface Guide. You can use the following command line:

    • cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-analytics --save

    Make sure to review the Google Analytics terms and SDK Policy

    Javascript API

    Note: All success callbacks are in the form 'function () {}', and all failure callbacks are in the form 'function (err) {}' where err is a String explaining the error reason.

    • {function()} success: (Optional) success callback.
    • {function()} failure: (Optional) failure callback.

    setCurrentScreen(screenName, success, error)

    Sets the current screen name, which specifies the current visual context in your app. This helps identify the areas in your app where users spend their time and how they interact with your app. (

    • {String} screenName: (Required) the name of the screen to track.

    Note: All screens classes will be tracked as MainActivity in android, and MainViewController in ios, as it is cordova default. You should filter by screen names. It is not possible to change screen class.

    logEvent(eventName, options, success, failure)

    Logs an app event. The event can have up to 25 parameters. Events with the same name must have the same parameters. Up to 500 event names are supported. Using predefined FirebaseAnalytics.Event and/or FirebaseAnalytics.Param is recommended for optimal reporting. (

    • {String} eventName: (Required) the name of the event to track (custom or predefined, see below).
    • {Object} options: (Optional) JSON object with additional options (see options).

    eventName: predefined events available see Firebase:

    Type Event name Description
    String ADD_PAYMENT_INFO Add Payment Info event.
    String ADD_TO_CART E-Commerce Add To Cart event.
    String ADD_TO_WISHLIST E-Commerce Add To Wishlist event.
    String APP_OPEN App Open event.
    String BEGIN_CHECKOUT E-Commerce Begin Checkout event.
    String CAMPAIGN_DETAILS Log this event to supply the referral details of a re-engagement campaign.
    String CHECKOUT_PROGRESS Checkout progress.
    String EARN_VIRTUAL_CURRENCY Earn Virtual Currency event.
    String ECOMMERCE_PURCHASE E-Commerce Purchase event.
    String GENERATE_LEAD Generate Lead event.
    String JOIN_GROUP Join Group event.
    String LEVEL_END Level End event.
    String LEVEL_START Level Start event.
    String LEVEL_UP Level Up event.
    String LOGIN Login event.
    String POST_SCORE Post Score event.
    String PRESENT_OFFER Present Offer event.
    String PURCHASE_REFUND E-Commerce Purchase Refund event.
    String REMOVE_FROM_CART Remove from cart event.
    String SEARCH Search event.
    String SELECT_CONTENT Select Content event.
    String SET_CHECKOUT_OPTION Set checkout option.
    String SHARE Share event.
    String SIGN_UP Sign Up event.
    String SPEND_VIRTUAL_CURRENCY Spend Virtual Currency event.
    String TUTORIAL_BEGIN Tutorial Begin event.
    String TUTORIAL_COMPLETE Tutorial End event.
    String UNLOCK_ACHIEVEMENT Unlock Achievement event.
    String VIEW_ITEM View Item event.
    String VIEW_ITEM_LIST View Item List event.
    String VIEW_SEARCH_RESULTS View Search Results event.

    Way to use predefined events:

    analytics.logEvent(analytics.DEFAULT_EVENTS.ADD_PAYMENT_INFO, {});

    eventParams: predefined params, see Firebase Params:

    Type Param name Description
    String ACHIEVEMENT_ID Game achievement ID (String).
    String AFFILIATION The store or affiliation from which this transaction occurred.
    String CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN_DETAILS name; used for keyword analysis to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
    String CHARACTER Character used in game (String).
    String CHECKOUT_OPTION Some option on a step in an ecommerce flow.
    String CHECKOUT_STEP The checkout step (1..N).
    String CONTENT CAMPAIGN_DETAILS content; used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL.
    String CONTENT_TYPE Type of content selected (String).
    String COUPON Coupon code for a purchasable item (String).
    String CP1 CAMPAIGN_DETAILS custom parameter.
    String CREATIVE_NAME The name of a creative used in a promotional spot.
    String CREATIVE_SLOT The name of a creative slot.
    String CURRENCY Purchase currency in 3 letter ISO_4217 format (String).
    String DESTINATION Flight or Travel destination (String).
    String END_DATE The arrival date, check-out date, or rental end date for the item (String).
    String FLIGHT_NUMBER Flight number for travel events (String).
    String GROUP_ID Group/clan/guild id (String).
    String INDEX The index of an item in a list.
    String ITEM_BRAND Item brand.
    String ITEM_CATEGORY Item category (String).
    String ITEM_ID Item ID (String).
    String ITEM_LIST The list in which the item was presented to the user.
    String ITEM_LOCATION_ID The Google Place ID that corresponds to the associated item (String).
    String ITEM_NAME Item name (String).
    String ITEM_VARIANT Item variant.
    String LEVEL Level in game (long).
    String LEVEL_NAME The name of a level in a game (String).
    String LOCATION Location (String).
    String MEDIUM CAMPAIGN_DETAILS medium; used to identify a medium such as email or cost-per-click (cpc).
    String METHOD A particular approach used in an operation; for example, "facebook" or "email" in the context of a sign_up or login event.
    String NUMBER_OF_NIGHTS Number of nights staying at hotel (long).
    String NUMBER_OF_PASSENGERS Number of passengers traveling (long).
    String NUMBER_OF_ROOMS Number of rooms for travel events (long).
    String ORIGIN Flight or Travel origin (String).
    String PRICE Purchase price (double).
    String QUANTITY Purchase quantity (long).
    String SCORE Score in game (long).
    String SEARCH_TERM The search string/keywords used (String).
    String SHIPPING Shipping cost (double).
    String SIGN_UP_METHOD This constant was deprecated. Use METHOD instead.
    String SOURCE CAMPAIGN_DETAILS source; used to identify a search engine, newsletter, or other source.
    String START_DATE The departure date, check-in date, or rental start date for the item (String).
    String SUCCESS The result of an operation (long).
    String TAX Tax amount (double).
    String TERM CAMPAIGN_DETAILS term; used with paid search to supply the keywords for ads.
    String TRANSACTION_ID A single ID for a ecommerce group transaction (String).
    String TRAVEL_CLASS Travel class (String).
    String VALUE A context-specific numeric value which is accumulated automatically for each event type.
    String VIRTUAL_CURRENCY_NAME Name of virtual currency type (String).

    Way to use predefined params:

    const params = {};
    params[analytics.DEFAULT_PARAMS.CURRENCY] = 'Euro';
    params['my param'] = 'my value';
    analytics.logEvent(analytics.DEFAULT_EVENTS.ADD_PAYMENT_INFO, params);

    resetAnalyticsData(success, error)

    Clears all analytics data for this app from the device and resets the app instance id. (

    setAnalyticsCollectionEnabled(success, error)

    Sets whether analytics collection is enabled for this app on this device. This setting is persisted across app sessions. By default it is enabled. (

    setMinimumSessionDuration(success, error)

    Sets the minimum engagement time required before starting a session. The default value is 10000 (10 seconds). (

    setSessionTimeoutDuration(milliseconds, success, error)

    Sets the duration of inactivity that terminates the current session. The default value is 1800000 (30 minutes). (

    • {number} milliseconds: (Required) The timeout in milliseconds

    setUserId(userId, success, error)

    Sets the user ID property. This feature must be used in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy. (

    • {string} userId: (Required) The user id

    setUserProperty(userPropertyName, userPropertyValue, success, error)

    Sets a user property to a given value. Up to 25 user property names are supported. Once set, user property values persist throughout the app lifecycle and across sessions. (

    • {string} serPropertyName: (Required) The user property name
    • {string} userPropertyValue: (Required) The user property value


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