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    Cordova Launch Review plugin


    This Cordova/Phonegap plugin for iOS and Android launches the native store app in order for the user to leave a review.

    On Android, the plugin opens the the app's storepage in the Play Store where the user can leave a review by pressing the stars to give a rating.

    On iOS, the plugin opens the app's storepage in the App Store and focuses the Review tab, where the user can leave a review by pressing "Write a review".

    The plugin is registered on npm (requires Cordova CLI 5.0.0+) as cordova-launch-review


    Using the Cordova/Phonegap CLI

    $ cordova plugin add cordova-launch-review
    $ phonegap plugin add cordova-launch-review

    Using Cordova Plugman

    $ plugman install --plugin=cordova-launch-review --platform=<platform> --project=<project_path> --plugins_dir=plugins

    For example, to install for the Android platform

    $ plugman install --plugin=cordova-launch-review --platform=android --project=platforms/android --plugins_dir=plugins

    PhoneGap Build

    Add the following xml to your config.xml to use the latest version from npm:

    <gap:plugin name="cordova-launch-review" source="npm" />


    The plugin is exposed via the LaunchReview object and provides a single function launch() which launches the store app using the given app ID:

    LaunchReview.launch(appId, successCallback);


    • {string} appID - the platform-specific app ID to use to open the page in the store app
      • On Android this is the full package name of the app. For example, for Google Maps:
      • On iOS this is the Apple ID of the app. For example, for Google Maps: 585027354
    • {function} successCallback - The callback which will be called when diagnostic of location is successful. This callback function have a boolean param with the diagnostic result.

    Example usage

    var appId, platform = device.platform.toLowerCase();
        case "ios":
            appId = "585027354";
        case "android":
            appId = "";
    LaunchReview.launch(appId, function(){
        console.log("Successfully launched store app");

    Example project

    An example project illustrating use of this plugin can be found here:


    npm i cordova-launch-review@1.0.0





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