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Automatic icon resizing for Cordova. Create an icon in the root folder of your Cordova project and use cordova-icon to automatically resize and copy it for all the platforms your project supports (currenty works with iOS, Android, Windows 10 and OSX).


$ sudo apt-get install imagemagick
# on Mac: brew install imagemagick 
# on Windows: (check "Legacy tools") 
$ sudo npm install cordova-icon -g

If you are using an older version of cordova (before 7.x):

$ sudo npm install cordova-icon@0.13.0 -g



Create an icon.png file in the root folder of your cordova project. You can provide a platform-specific icon by naming it icon-[platform].png (e.g icon-android.png, icon-ios.png). Then run:

 $ cordova-icon

You also can specify manually a location for your config.xml or icon.png:

 $ cordova-icon --config=config.xml --icon=icon.png

If you run a old version of Cordova for iOS / Mac and you need your files in /Resources/icons/, use this option:

 $ cordova-icon --xcode-old

For good results, your file should be:

  • square
  • for Android and iOS, at least 1024*1024px
  • for Windows, at least 1240*1240px


  • Your file will not be updated by the tool (because images are automatically created in the good folders)
  • Therefore, in your config.xml, be sure to remove all lines looking like <icon src="res/android/ldpi.png" density="ldpi" />

Creating a cordova-cli hook

Since the execution of cordova-icon is pretty fast, you can add it as a cordova-cli hook to execute before every build. To create a new hook, go to your cordova project and run:

$ mkdir hooks/after_prepare
$ vi hooks/after_prepare/

Paste the following into the hook script:


Then give the script +x permission:

$ chmod +x hooks/after_prepare/

That's it. Now every time you cordova build, the icons will be auto generated.

Splash screens

Check out cordova-splash


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