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Cordova Generate Icon is a support tool for the Cordova application project. cordova-gen-icon generates the icon image files for native applications from a logo image file.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS(iPhone and iPad)
    • the iOS icon images have round corner
  • Android
  • Firefox OS
    • the Firefox OS icon images are trimmed as circle.
  • Amazon Fire OS
  • Windows Phone 8


$ npm install -g cordova-gen-icon

Node plugin imagemagick depends on ImageMagick. Please install it.

On Linux(Ubuntu)

$ apt-get install imagemagick

On Mac OS X(Homebrew)

$ brew install imagemagick



$ cordova-gen-icon [options]


  • -h, --help output usage information
  • -V, --version output the version number
  • -v, --verbose verbose actions
  • -s, --silent silent actions
  • -a, --android generate Android icons
  • -i, --ios generate iOS icons
  • -f, --firefoxos generate FirefoxOS icons
  • -z, --amazonfire generate Amazon Fire OS icons
  • -8, --windowsphone8 generate Windows Phone 8 icons
  • -p, --project [path] Cordova(PhoneGap) project path
  • -c, --icon [path] original icon file path


At first, create your project by cordova create [project] [id], and install platform by cordova platform add [platform]. After that, create the icon image files by cordova-gen-icon.

$ cordova create hello com.example.hello
Creating a new cordova project with name "HelloCordova" and id "com.example.hello" at location "hello"
$ cd hello
$ cordova platform add ios
Creating ios project...
Preparing ios project
$ cordova-gen-icon 
Generate cordova icons with
project: .
icon   : ./www/img/logo.png
target : 

generate iOS icons
Success generate icon set


Copyright 2013 Naoki Takimura under the WTFPL.