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    Cordova Coho

    The command line tool to for Apache Cordova contributors to manage Apache Cordova repositories, and to help with releases and pull requests.

    This repository has the following purposes:

    1. To hold committer-relevant documentation

    2. To hold release automation scripts

    • e.g. coho create-archive && coho verify-archive
    • e.g. CrowdIn scripts
    1. To hold generally useful dev scripts
    • e.g. coho repo-clone
    • e.g. coho --help

    Node.js is a pre-requisite:

    Easiest way on OS X & Linux:

    Easiest way on Windows:


    npm install -g cordova-coho

    On Mac OS X / Linux, if you didn't use a node version manager like nvm or n, you might have to run the command using sudo.

    Alternately, you could also clone & Use coho

    mkdir -p cordova
    cd cordova
    git clone
    cd cordova-coho
    npm install
    npm link # Might need sudo for some configurations

    Cloning/Updating Cordova repositories

    mkdir cordova-repos
    cd cordova-repos
    coho repo-update -g -r all

    repo-update will clone a repo if it is missing -- if it exists, it updates it.

    The all repo id will clone all Apache Cordova repositories into the current working directory.


    coho --help

    or if you know the command:

    coho [command] --help   

    For example:

    coho repo-clone --help

    To see valid repo ids and repo group ids for use with Coho, use the list-repos command:

    coho list-repos    


    Cordova is an open source Apache project and contributors are needed to keep this project moving forward. Learn more on how to contribute on our website.

    TO-DO + Issues

    If you find issues with this tool, please follow our guidelines for reporting issues. We do not use github issue system as an Apache project, we have a JIRA issue management system which covers over 50+ cli, platform, plugin repos in the Cordova project. Use the "cordova-coho" component for Cordova Coho issues.

    Note that for some commands you may need to use the -g or --global flag to work in an npm global context, since coho was originally designed for use in another context.




    npm i cordova-coho

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