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Cordova code swap

This library is a drop-in-replacement for the client side of cordova-hot-code-push that avoids some of its limitations.

Differences from cordova-hot-code-push

  • Minimal API
  • API returns promises
  • Can update your app on first run
  • Supports relative content_url path in chcp.json
  • Leaves checking min_native_version up to you (see example in Usage)


npm install --save cordova-code-swap


<!-- Required to copy files -->
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-file" spec="4.3.1"/>
<!-- Required to download updates -->
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-file-transfer" spec="1.6.1"/>

Creating the necessary files for the update server

See cordova-hot-code-push-cli.


var ccs = require('cordova-code-swap');
var urlToUpdateEndpoint = '';
var myNativeVersion = getNativeVersion();
var updateOptions = {
    entryFile: 'app.html',
    headers: {
        'User-Agent': 'Cordova-Code-Swap'
    debug: false
var instanceOptions = {
    backupCount: 1
document.addEventListener('deviceready', function(){
    ccs.initialize(instanceOptions) // must always be run before anything else 
    ccs.lookForUpdates(urlToUpdateEndpoint, updateOptions)
        .catch(err => {})
        .then(download => {
            if (download.updateInfo.min_native_interface > myNativeVersion) {
                throw new Error('Update received from the server requires newer native version of the app to be installed.');
            return download();
        .catch(downloadErr => {})
        .then(install => install())
        .catch(installErr => {});
    // optional 
    ccs.install(); // <-- can be used after e.g. restarting the app if there is a downloaded update that has not been installed yet. 


Instance options

var instanceOptions = {
    // how many of previously installed versions it should keep. Default is 1. 
    backupCount: 1

Update options

var updateOptions = {
    // Path to your .html file, relative to the www-folder. Default is index.html 
    entryFile: 'index.html',
    // Headers that will be sent with the requests to the update server 
    headers: {
        key: value
    // Debug mode will swap out files in the same folder on each update. 
    // This is to make it possible to keep breakpoints after fetching an update. 
    // This also disables instanceOptions.backup since it only works with one 
    // code source at all times 
    // Default is false. 
    debug: false
ccs.lookForUpdates('', updateOptions);



Returns a promise that always resolves. Must be run before anything else! Checks if a version has been downloaded earlier and should be loaded. If so, it changes the window.location.href to the downloaded .html file.


Checks if the update server has an update and returns a promise. If it does not, it rejects the promise with the error cordova-code-swap: No new updates found. If it encounters an error, it rejects the promise with the error. If it finds an update, the promise is resolved with a download function.

[lookForUpdates].then(function(download) { return download(); })

Downloads the update and returns a promise. If it encounters an error, it rejects the promise with the error. If it finished downloading without errors, the promise is resolved with an install function.

The download function can be called when you want to download the updated files. The download function has the property .updateInfo tacked on. This contains the JSON-object it received from the server when looking for updates and can be used to better determine if you want to call download() or not. The download.updateInfo object can e.g. look like this:

    "content_url": "", //(or "content_url": "/relative/to/chcp.json") 
    "release": "1.3.3",
    "installTime": "afterRestart",
    "min_native_interface": 50

[download].then(function(install) { return install(); })

Switches to the new version by saving the current entry point in localStorage and changing window.location.href to the downloaded files.


Returns a promise. If no update is previously downloaded it will reject the promise with the error: cordova-code-swap: Tried to install update, but no updates have been previously downloaded.. If an update is downloaded and pending installation, it will install that update and immediately switch to it.