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Vigour build tool for native cordova clients


Add the builder as a dependency to your project with npm i cordova-builder

The following external dependencies should be installed if you want to build for the specific platforms:


  • XCode


  • Android SDK
  • JAVA 7

Make sure that the paths to your JAVA and Android SDK tools installations are set in your $PATH variable.


# TODO: summarise all the awesome features that make you want to use this tool!

How to use

# TODO: describe config file layout in detail

In order to create a corova app for a platform, simply set up your app's configuration and run vigour build [ios|android] --run --config <config file location>. A .native directory will be created containing your cordova project and the app will be executed on the connected device.

The .native directory is managed by the vigour builder, so you shouldn't have to commit it to version control. Adding and removing plugins can be done through the config file, the builder will check for new or removed plugins every time you run the build command.

For a list of all arguments and options, run vigour --help

Planned work

This tool is under constant development, feature requests are welcome, pull requests even more so! Please make sure all your code is covered with tests to expedite the merging process :)

  • (improved) documentation
  • advanced use of flavours
  • offline loader page support