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    Background Upload Plugin for Cordova

    This plugin provides a file upload functionality via javascript without necessarily using the browser platform of cordova. On the web it will use SuperAgent to post the files. Since it is done via Ajax, make sure your server supports CORS (cross origin requests).

    The following browsers are supported:

    • Latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari
    • IE10 through latest

    Note: Background uploads are not supported on the web

    When in a mobile environment, it will rely on the cordova-plugin-background-upload to allow for background uploads. If the plugin is not installed,it will fallback to superagent upload.


    npm install --save cordova-background-upload

    For mobile uploads:

    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file --save
    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-background-upload --save

    For android, you need to add the permission library also:

    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-android-permissions --save

    Sample usage

     import { BackgroundUpload } from 'cordova-background-upload';
     var uploader = new BackgroundUpload().init();
     uploader.on('success', function(upload) {
         console.log("upload: " + + " has been completed successfully");
     uploader.on('progress', function(upload) {
         console.log("uploading: " + + " progress: " + upload.progress + "%");
     uploader.on('error', function(uploadException) {
         if ( {
             console.log("upload: " + + " has failed");
         } else {
             console.error("uploader caught an error: " + uploadException.error);

    Adding an upload is done via the upload method. In case the plugin was not able to enqueue the upload, an exception will be thrown in the error event listener.

     var payload = {
         "id": "sd4ed",
         "file": fileObject, //the file object obtained from an input type='file'
         "serverUrl": "",
         "headers": {
             "api_key": "asdasdwere123sad"
         "parameters": {
             "signature": "mysign",
             "timestamp": 112321321


    • id: a unique identifier to track the uploads (String)
    • filePath: the absolute path for the file to upload (applicable only on mobile platforms), if you are using an html input type file, write the file to disk, then use its path
    • file: the file object obtained from an input type='file' (used only on browser)
    • serverUrl: remote server url
    • headers: custom http headers
    • parameters: custom parameters for multipart data


    cordova-background-upload is brought to you by Spoon Consulting.


    npm i cordova-background-upload

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