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    This is a fork of country-iso with some bugfixes and additional features:

    • Enclaves and exclaves are now handled properly: the dataset used by country-iso doesn't handle polygons with holes in them, resulting in weird outputs such as the entirety of Lesotho being shown as a part of South Africa.
    • ISO 3166 alpha-2 codes are now also optionally supported.

    Both of these are accomplished thanks to a new dataset I generated, @osm_borders/maritime_10m. Just like its predecessor, it originates from high-quality OpenStreetMap data, but with fixes for the aforementioned issues. For more details, see the osm_borders Github page.

    Installation and usage

    This library can be installed using npm install coordinate_to_country

    Querying a lat, lng pair is simple, with all queries returning an array of the countries which claim sovereignty over a given territory:

    	const lookup = require("coordinate_to_country");
    	lookup(53.218620, 6.567365); // => ["NLD"]

    You can also request the alpha-2 version of the ISO-3166 by passing the optional isoA2 = true parameter:

    	lookup(53.218620, 6.567365, true); // => ["NL"]

    Disputed territories and coordinates not inside any country also work:

    	lookup(0, 0); // => []
    	lookup(45.739518, 18.953996); // => ["SRB", "HRV"]


    This project is licensed under the MIT License.

    This library was created by Emily Nagy (itisem) based on country-iso by Simone Primarosa (simonepri).


    npm i coordinate_to_country

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