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Browserify-compatible module to get and set cookies in the browser


NOTE: cookie-monster is a fork of cookie-cutter by substack (James Halliday), which seems to have gone stale.

Set and get cookies in the browser or in node with document.

In your browser code with browserify:

var cookie = require('cookie-monster');
var times = parseInt(cookie.get('times'), 10) || 0;
cookie.set('times', times + 1);

and times will increment every time the page is reloaded.


var cookie = require('cookie-monster');

Return a new cookie object with .getItem(), .setItem(), .removeItem() and .clear() operating on document. Older version's .get(), .set() and .remove() methods are left for backward compatibility, but their usage is highly discouraged.

document.cookie should be a non-referentially transparent setter/getter combo like the DOM's variant where assignment with optional path and expiry creates a new cookie in the getter as a key=value pair.

Return the cookie value for key. Aliased by cookie.get().

Set the cookie at key to value with optional parameters expires and path. Aliased by cookie.set().

Removes cookie value stored at key. Aliased by cookie.remove().

Alternatively you can use .setItem() with { expires: new Date(0) } option to unset a cookie.

Removes all currently available cookies.


With npm do:

npm install cookie-monster


With the console do

$ npm test