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This is the Node.JS client library for the Convictional Commerce API.

For more documentation, please visit our docs site here.

To install, type: npm install convictional


You can optionally pass configurations like your API key or API URL in like so:

// Top of your file with all your requires:
var convictional = require('convictional')({
  'apiKey': '86e7ccdc-55b5-4066-a79f-7a1e0e59c690'
// ... later where you want to use it:
var orderId = '5a692f658f6d524e8282dac7'
convictional.getOrder(orderId).then((order) => {
}).catch((error) => { console.error(error) })

Or you can pass configurations on a call-specific basis:

// Top of your file with all your requires:
var convictional = require('convictional')
// ... later where you want to use it:
var apiKey = '86e7ccdc-55b5-4066-a79f-7a1e0e59c690'
var orderId = '5a692f658f6d524e8282dac7'
convictional.getOrder(orderId, apiKey).then((order) => {
}).catch((error) => { console.error })


  • Methods start with the HTTP method and end with the resource: getOrders, postProducts, etc.
  • The first parameter is a string, object or array with the payload for the request.
  • The optional second parameter is the API key for the account you are using.
  • The optional third parameter is the API URL, defaults to main API url:
  • All methods return promises, so you must use then/catch verbs to handle them.

Method usage example:

var query = { 'shipped': false }
.then((orders) => { console.log(orders) })
.catch((error) => { console.error(error) })

List of methods:

Actions (RPC)
  • sync(method) - GET (runs and queues) one method, by method name
  • translate(doc) - POST (translate) one document, by document
Orders (REST)
  • getOrder(id) - GET (read) one order, by ID
  • getOrders(query) - GET (read) many orders, by query
  • postOrder(order) - POST (create) one new order, by order object
  • postOrders(orders) - POST (create) many new orders, by array of orders
  • putOrder(order) - PUT (update) one order, by order object
  • putOrders(orders) - PUT (update) many orders, by array of orders
  • deleteOrder(id) - DELETE (delete) one order, by ID
  • deleteOrders(ids) - DELETE (delete) many orders, by array of IDs
Products (REST)
  • getProduct(id) - GET (read) one product, by ID
  • getProducts(query) - GET (read) many products, by query
  • postProduct(product) - POST (create) one new product, by product object
  • postProducts(products) - POST (create) many new products, by array of products
  • putProduct(product) - PUT (update) one product, by product object
  • putProducts(products) - PUT (update) many products, by array of products
  • deleteProduct(id) - DELETE (delete) one product, by ID
  • deleteProducts(ids) - DELETE (delete) many products, by array of IDs
Partners (REST)
  • getPartner(id) - GET (read) one partner, by ID
  • getPartners(query) - GET (read) many partners, by query
  • postPartner(partner) - POST (create) one new partner, by partner object
  • postPartners(partners) - POST (create) many new partners, by array of partners
  • putPartner(partner) - PUT (update) one partner, by partner object
  • putPartners(partners) - PUT (update) many partners, by array of partners
  • deletePartner(id) - DELETE (delete) one partner, by ID
  • deletePartners(ids) - DELETE (delete) many partners, by array of IDs
Prices (REST)
  • getPrice(id) - GET (read) one price, by ID
  • getPrices(query) - GET (read) many prices, by query
  • postPrice(price) - POST (create) one new price, by price object
  • postPrices(prices) - POST (create) many new prices, by array of prices
  • putPrice(price) - PUT (update) one price, by price object
  • putPrices(prices) - PUT (update) many prices, by array of prices
  • deletePrice(id) - DELETE (delete) one price, by ID
  • deletePrices(ids) - DELETE (delete) many prices, by array of IDs
Logs (REST)
  • getLog(id) - GET (read) one log, by ID
  • getLogs(query) - GET (read) many logs, by query
  • postLog(log) - POST (create) one new log, by log object
  • postLogs(logs) - POST (create) many new logs, by array of logs
  • putLog(log) - PUT (update) one log, by log object
  • putLogs(logs) - PUT (update) many logs, by array of logs
  • deleteLog(id) - DELETE (delete) one log, by ID
  • deleteLogs(ids) - DELETE (delete) many logs, by array of IDs


npm i convictional

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