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Convert ISO 3166-1 Codes

A Node.js module for converting between different country code formats using the ISO 3166-1 standard, leveraging the world-countries package.


  • Convert between ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, alpha-3, numeric, TopLevelDomain, and CIOC formats.
  • Easily integrate into any Node.js project.
  • Uses npm package world-countries for accurate and up-to-date country data.


Install the package using npm:

npm install convert-iso-codes


Here's how you can use the Country Code Converter in your project:

Convert Alpha-2 Country Codes

import { Alpha2 } from 'convert-iso-codes';

// Convert from Alpha-2 to Alpha-3
const alpha3 = Alpha2.toAlpha3('US'); // Returns 'USA'

// Convert from Alpha-2 to Numeric
const numeric = Alpha2.toNumeric('US'); // Returns '840'

// Convert from Alpha-2 to TLD
const tld = Alpha2.toTLD('US'); // Returns '.us'

// Convert from Alpha-2 to CIOC
const cioc = Alpha2.toCIOC('US'); // Returns 'USA'

Convert Alpha-3 Country Codes

import { Alpha3 } from 'convert-iso-codes';

// Convert from Alpha-3 to Alpha-2
const alpha2 = Alpha3.toAlpha2('GBR'); // Returns 'GB'

// ...

Convert Numeric Country Codes

import { Numeric } from 'convert-iso-codes';

// Convert from Numeric to Alpha-2
const alpha2 = Numeric.toAlpha2('356'); // Returns 'IN'

// ...

Convert Top-Level Domains

import { TopLevelDomain } from 'convert-iso-codes';

// Convert TLD to Alpha-2
const alpha2 = TopLevelDomain.toAlpha2('.au'); // Returns 'AU'

// ...

Convert CIOC Codes

import { CIOC } from 'convert-iso-codes';

// Convert CIOC to Alpha-2
const alpha2 = CIOC.toAlpha2('AUS'); // Returns 'AU'

// ...

Error Handling

Usually the converter functions will throw an error if an invalid country code is provided.

If you don't want this behaviour, you can pass false as the second argument (ignoreError) to the converter functions. This will make the functions return the original value if the country code is invalid.

const alpha2 = Alpha3.toAlpha2('XYZ', false); // Returns 'XYZ'


Contributions are always welcome! Please open an issue or a pull request.


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.


For support, please open an issue on this repository.

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