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Comparisons for concrete semantic versions (i.e. compare 1.2.3 instead of ^1.2.3).


semver is a great implementation of semantic versioning; including all the edge cases. These edge cases are important in many scenarios, but often we are simply comparing two concrete versions (i.e. compare 1.2.3 instead of ^1.2.3).

In this more limited use-case case including all 1000+ lines of semver into your bundle for a web application is a bit of overkill. conver aims to do ONLY concrete version comparisons in a drastically smaller package size (currently 28 LOC excluding comments).


conver exposes the same comparison methods you would expect from the semver package. Specifically:

  • gt(v1, v2): returns true if v1 is greater than v2.
  • lt(v1, v2): returns true if v1 is less than v2.
  • equal(v1, v2): returns true if v1 is equal to v2.
  • compare(v1, v2) returns 0 if v1 == v2, or 1 if v1 is greater, or -1 if v2 is greater.'3.4.5', '1.2.3'); // true'1.2.3', '3.4.5'); // false'1.2.3', '3.4.5'); // true'3.4.5', '1.2.3'); // false
conver.eq('1.2.3', '9.8.0'); // false
conver.eq('1.2.3', '1.2.3'); // true


Tests are written with nyc, assume, and mocha. They can be run with npm:

npm test
AUTHOR: Charlie Robbins