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    Lint commit messages

    conventional-changelog-lint stability

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    • 🚓 Enforce commit conventions
    • 🤖 Plays nice with conventional-changelog
    • 📦 Supports shareable configuration


    Fetch it with npm

    npm install --save-dev conventional-changelog-lint


    conventional-changelog-lint provides a command line and node interface.


    conventional-changelog-lint demo

    The command line interface reads .conventional-changelog-lintrc resolves extends configurations.

    ❯ conventional-changelog-lint --help
      conventional-changelog-lint - Lint commit messages against a conventional-changelog preset and ruleset
      [input] reads from stdin if --edit, --from, --to are omitted
      --color,-c    toggle formatted output, defaults to: true
      --edit,-e     read last commit message found in ./git/COMMIT_EDITMSG
      --extends,-x  array of shareable configurations to extend
      --from,-f     lower end of the commit range to lint; applies if edit=false
      --preset,-p   conventional-changelog-preset to use for commit message parsing, defaults to: angular
      --to,-t       upper end of the commit range to lint; applies if edit=false
      --quiet,-q    toggle console output


    git hook

    As a commitmsg git-hook with "husky"

        "scripts": {
          "commitmsg": "conventional-changelog-lint -e"

    Last commit

    As part of npm test

        "scripts": {
          "test": "conventional-changelog-lint --from=HEAD~1"

    Lint all commits in Pull Request

    You can lint all commits in a PR by passing all commits that are present in SOURCE_BRANCH but unavailable in BASE_BRANCH:

    conventional-changelog-lint --from=BASE_BRANCH to=SOURCE_BRANCH

    Most of the time BASE_BRANCH will be master for Github Flow.

    This assumes SOURCE_BRANCH is available on your local checkout. This is not true by default for all PRs originating from clones of a repository.

    Given you'd like to lint all commits in PR origination from branch remote-test on the repository targeting master on

    cd test # make sure CWD is in your repository 
    git remote add other-name
    git fetch other-name
    conventional-changelog-lint --from=master --to=other-name/test

    See scripts/ for an example on how to obtain SOURCE_BRANCH from a Github clone automatically on Travis.


    Commit Linting on CI has to handle the following cases

    • Direct commits
    • Branch Pull Requests
    • Fork Pull Requests

    An exemplary implementation is provided as bash script working on Travis CI.

    # Force full git checkout
    before_install: git fetch --unshallow
      - ./scripts/ # [1] scripts/

    [1]: See scripts/ for reference


    The programming interface does not read configuration by default, it has to be provided as second parameter.

    import lint from 'conventional-changelog-lint';
    const report = lint(
      'docs: add node api interface usage',
        preset: {},
        configuration: {}

    To achieve the same behavior as with the command line interface you can use the provided utility functions:

    import lint from 'conventional-changelog-lint';
    import {
    } from 'conventional-changelog-lint';
    const report = lint(
      'docs: add node api interface usage',
        preset: await getPreset('angular'),
        configuration: await readConfiguration('conventional-changelog-lint')


    conventional-changelog-lint is configured via .conventional-changelog-lintrc and shareable configuration.

    When no .conventional-changelog-lintrc is found it will use the angular shareable config. See the documentation there for default rules.

    When a .conventional-changelog-lintrc is found it will not load any preset unless specified via extends configuration.


      "extends": ["angular"]

    Array of shareable configurations to extend. Configurations are resolved as conventional-changelog-lint-config-${name} and have to be installed. See npm search for available shareable configurations.

    ⇨ See shareable-config for details


      "preset": "angular"

    conventional-changelog preset name to use for parsing of commit messages.

    ⇨ See conventional-changelog for details


      "rules": {
        "body-leading-blank": [1, "always"],
        "header-max-length": [1, "always", 72],
        "subject-full-stop": [1, "never", "."]

    Rules applicable to the linted commit messages. By default all rules are turned off via a level of 0. They can be enabled by shareable configuration, such as the angular config, which is loaded by default.

    ⇨ See rules for details


    Patterns to exclude from linting

    wildcards: {
      merge: [
        '/^(Merge pull request)|(Merge (.*?) into (.*?)$)/'
      release: [
      revert: [
        '/^revert: (.*)/'

    Shallow clones


    Perform git fetch --shallow before linting.

    Most likely you are reading this because you where presented with an error message:

      'Could not get git history from shallow clone.
      Use git fetch --shallow before linting.
      Original issue:\n Refer to for details.'


    git supports checking out shallow clones of a repository to save bandwith in times. These limited copies do not contain a full git history. This makes conventional-changelog-lint fail, especially when running on large commit ranges. To ensure linting works every time you should convert a shallow git repo to a complete one. Use git fetch --shallow to do so.


    Ensure full git checkouts on TravisCI, add to .travis.yml:

      - git fetch --unshallow


    Ensure full git checkouts on AppVeyor, add to appveyor.yml:

    shallow_clone: false

    Supported Node.js versions

    conventional-changelog-lint supports the active Node.js LTS version and higher: >= 4

    Related projects

    Copyright 2016 by Mario Nebl and contributors. Released under the MIT license.


    npm i conventional-changelog-lint

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