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    This is a plugin for Contentstack's CLI. It allows you to quickly retrieve information about Content Types in a Stack.

    Why use this plugin

    1. The csdx content-type:audit command lists recent changes to a content type and by whom. This is useful when needing to find Content Type versions to compare with csdx content-type:compare. Audit logs are stored for 90 days within Contentstack.

    2. The csdx content-type:compare-remote command allows you to compare the same Content Type between two Stacks. This is useful when you have cloned or duplicated a Stack, and want to check what has changed in a child Stack.

    3. The csdx content-type:compare command allows you to compare multiple versions of a Content Type within a single Stack. This is useful when you are working in a development team, and want to compare changes made by colleagues.

    4. The csdx content-type:list command is useful when you want to see all the Content Types within a Stack. The Content Type's Display Name, UID, Last Modified Date, and Version number is shown. The list can be ordered by title or modified date. When developing against Contentstack, Content Type UIDs are needed when requesting data.

    5. The csdx content-type:details command provides useful information, such as:

      • Field UID and Data Types
      • Referenced Content Types
      • Options such as required, multiple, and unique
      • The full path to a field, useful when using the include reference endpoint or filtering operations, such as the equality endpoint.
    6. The csdx content-type:diagram command creates a visual representation of a Stack's content model.

      • The ouput format can be either svg or dot.
      • The diagram's orientation can be changed, using the -d landscape|portrait flag.
      • GraphViz is the layout engine. You can export the generated DOT Language source, using the -t dot flag.
      • Diagram Output

    How to install this plugin

    $ csdx plugins:install contentstack-cli-content-type

    How to use this plugin

    This plugin requires you to be authenticated using csdx auth:login.

    Several commands, such as csdx content-type:compare support token aliases as input. These token aliases should be created using csdx auth:tokens:add.

    The commands only use the Stack API Key. The management token is ignored. They are provided as a convenience, so the Stack API Keys do not have to be re-typed.


    The csdx content-type:details command requires a wide terminal window. If the path column is not needed, you can hide it:

    $ csdx content-type:details -a "management token" -c "content type" --no-path


    csdx content-type:audit

    display recent changes to a Content Type

      $ csdx content-type:audit
      -a, --token-alias=token-alias    management token alias
      -c, --content-type=content-type  (required) Content Type UID
      -s, --stack=stack                Stack UID
      $ csdx content-type:audit -s "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -c "home_page"
      $ csdx content-type:audit -a "management token" -c "home_page"

    See code: src/commands/content-type/audit.ts

    csdx content-type:compare

    compare two Content Type versions

      $ csdx content-type:compare
      -a, --token-alias=token-alias    management token alias
      -c, --content-type=content-type  (required) Content Type UID
      -l, --left=left                  Content Type version, i.e. prev version
      -r, --right=right                Content Type version, i.e. later version
      -s, --stack=stack                Stack UID
      $ csdx content-type:compare -s "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -c "home_page"
      $ csdx content-type:compare -s "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -c "home_page" -l # -r #
      $ csdx content-type:compare -a "management token" -c "home_page" -l # -r #

    See code: src/commands/content-type/compare.ts

    csdx content-type:compare-remote

    compare two Content Types on different Stacks

      $ csdx content-type:compare-remote
      -c, --content-type=content-type  (required) Content Type UID
      -o, --origin-stack=origin-stack  (required) origin Stack UID
      -r, --remote-stack=remote-stack  (required) remote Stack UID
      $ csdx content-type:compare-remote -o "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -r "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -c "home_page"

    See code: src/commands/content-type/compare-remote.ts

    csdx content-type:details

    display Content Type details

      $ csdx content-type:details
      -a, --token-alias=token-alias    management token alias
      -c, --content-type=content-type  (required) Content Type UID
      -p, --[no-]path                  show path column
      -s, --stack=stack                Stack UID
      $ csdx content-type:details -s "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -c "home_page"
      $ csdx content-type:details -a "management token" -c "home_page"
      $ csdx content-type:details -a "management token" -c "home_page" --no-path

    See code: src/commands/content-type/details.ts

    csdx content-type:diagram

    create a visual diagram of a Stack's Content Types

      $ csdx content-type:diagram
      -a, --token-alias=token-alias       management token alias
      -d, --direction=portrait|landscape  (required) [default: portrait] graph orientation
      -o, --output=output                 (required) full path to output
      -s, --stack=stack                   Stack UID
      -t, --type=svg|dot                  (required) [default: svg] graph output file type
      $ csdx content-type:diagram -s "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -o "content-model.svg"
      $ csdx content-type:diagram -a "management token" -o "content-model.svg"
      $ csdx content-type:diagram -a "management token" -o "content-model.svg" -d "landscape"
      $ csdx content-type:diagram -a "management token" -o "" -t "dot"

    See code: src/commands/content-type/diagram.ts

    csdx content-type:list

    list all Content Types in a Stack

      $ csdx content-type:list
      -a, --token-alias=token-alias  management token alias
      -o, --order=title|modified     [default: title] order by column
      -s, --stack=stack              Stack UID
      $ csdx content-type:list -s "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
      $ csdx content-type:list -a "management token"
      $ csdx content-type:list -a "management token" -o modified

    See code: src/commands/content-type/list.ts


    npm i contentstack-cli-content-type

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