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    🗺 contentful-sitemap

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    Dynamically generate an array of valid sitemap routes to enable building a live sitemap based on Contentful content via the Contentful API.


    Via npm

    npm install contentful-sitemap

    Via Yarn

    yarn add contentful-sitemap

    How to use

    contentful-sitemap requires a Contentful client in order to fetch entries from your Contenful space in order to build your dynamic sitemap entries. So, make sure you have contentful as a dependency in your project.

    Install contentful

    npm i -S contentful

    Create Contentful client

    const contentful = require('contentful');
    const { ContentfulSitemap } = require('contentful-sitemap');
    const client = contentful.createClient({
      accessToken: '[ACCESS_TOKEN]',
      space: '[SPACE_ID]',

    Next comes setting up the ContentfulSitemap instance that will be used by your /sitemap.xml route to generate and return the sitemap. ContentfulSitemap requires a client instance, so make sure you pass one into the constructor.

    Create ContentfulSitemap instance

    const sitemapGenerator = new ContentfulSitemap(client, [routes], {options});


    • client - Contentful client that will be used for fetching locales and entries from Contentful.

    • routes - Array of route definitions to use to generate sitemap.

    • options - Options that you can use to customize how sitemaps are generated.


    contentful-sitemap generates a route array that is compatible with the sitemap package for generating your sitemap.xml file, so all route options supported by that package are also supported within the routes array you pass in. You can pass in both static and dynamic Contentful routes within the array. Below are the few specifics that directly relate to how contentful-sitemap will process your routes entries.

    Name Default Description
    url null Use this property if the path you are providing does not require any segments to be swapped out dynamically.
    id null Contentful entry id to fetch for the specific path. Only used if the dynamicLastmod option is set to true.
    pattern null path-to-regexp pattern to use for generating dynamic listings based on Contentful content or setting locale specific paths.
    priority 1 Default priority to set for each url. Set to 1 as a default so it can be excluded in your routes definitions.
    params null Object used to specify the mapping of pattern parameter to Contentful response data.
    query null Query used by the Contentful client for fetching entries. All contentful getEntries query options are supported.

    Default Options

    The following options can be used to customize the way your sitemap is generated. The one option that you’ll definitely want to set, if not defined in your routes is the origin option, which is prefixed before the urls and patterns defined in your routes.

    Name Default Description
    locales [] Array of locales to include for all route instances, if not using dynamicLocales.
    dynamicLocales false Whether or not to fetch the list of enabled locales from Contentful.
    dynamicLastmod false Automatically use the lastmodParam value of each entry to set the lastmod value.
    lastmodParam sys.updatedAt Contentful model field to use when populating lastmodISO in route(s).
    localeParam locale The param to set within your pattern to replace with a locale.
    defaultLocale null The default locale that will be used in the main loc value for a url.


    • addRoute(route) - Method to use for adding additional urls after the initial ContentfulSitemap instance has been created.

    • buildRoutes() - The magic✨ Call this method when you want to generate your Contentful routes to be passed to sitemap.

    • toXML((xml, err) => {}) - DEPRECATED - This was the previous method that this class used to build and return the full sitemap.xml string, but due to changes made to the sitemap package it seemed like it would be easier to support the current—and future—versions of that package by simplifying this package to do one thing well, while offering more flexibility with how you would like to use sitemap to generate your sitemap(s).


    const express = require('express');
    const contentful = require('contentful');
    const { SitemapStream, streamToPromise } = require('sitemap');
    const { createGzip } = require('zlib');
    const { ContentfulSitemap } = require('contentful-sitemap');
    const app = express();
    const client = contentful.createClient({
      accessToken: '[ACCESS_TOKEN]',
      space: '[SPACE_ID]',
    const sitemapGenerator = new ContentfulSitemap(client, [
        pattern: '/',
        id: '[HOME_PAGE_ID]',
        pattern: '/about',
        id: '[ABOUT_PAGE_ID]',
        priority: 0.7,
        pattern: '/news',
        id: '[NEWS_PAGE_ID]',
        pattern: '/news/:slug',
        priority: 0.5,
        query: {
          content_type: '[CONTENTFUL_MODEL_TYPE (e.g. `newsArticlePage`)]',
          select: 'fields.slug',
        params: {
          slug: 'fields.slug',
        url: '/terms',
        priority: 0.3,
        url: '/privacy',
        priority: 0.3,
    let sitemap;
    app.get('/sitemap.xml', (req, res) => {
      res.header('Content-Type', 'application/xml');
      res.header('Content-Encoding', 'gzip');
      if (sitemap) {
        return res.send(sitemap);
      try {
        const smStream = new SitemapStream({ hostname: '' });
        const pipeline = smStream.pipe(createGzip());
        return sitemapGenerator.buildRoutes()
          .then(routes => {
            // pipe your entries or directly write them.
            routes.forEach(route => smStream.write(route));
            // cache the response
            streamToPromise(pipeline).then(sm => sitemap = sm)
            // stream write the response
            pipeline.pipe(res).on('error', (e) => {throw e})
          .catch(error => {
      } catch (e) {


    MIT © Ryan Hefner


    npm i contentful-sitemap

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