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This is a study project for analyzing web resources and do transformations by rules. Uses cases include but not limited to:

  • combine all the css files into one, including inline css written inside <style />.
  • combine all the js files into one, including inline js written inside <script />.
  • Change name/class of DOM elements and make sure corresponding css/js rules/expressions got changed.
  • ...

To do above jobs we need to build AST for html, css and javascript. Thanks to parse5, css, and esprima (escodegen), this could be achieved easily.

The whole project is written in ES6. Which means you probably need babel-node to run it.


Please go to example folder, run:

$ npm install
$ npm install -g babel-node # if you haven't do so
$ npm start # or babel-node index.js

You will see from console output that index.html is transformed, removing any inline css/js code, and combining all the css/js resources into one file (generated.css/generated.js).


This project is in its init state. Tons of features haven't been finished. The code itself is unstable. Do not use it in your production environment.