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This is a simple package made for encoding and decoding content hashes has specified in the EIP 1577. This package will be useful for every Ethereum developer wanting to interact with EIP 1577 compliant ENS resolvers.

⚠️ The EIP 1577 spec can change rapidlly, expect this lib to do the same !

Here you can find a live demo of this package.

📥 Install

  • via npm :
    $> npm install content-hash
  • via Github : Download or clone this repo, then install the dependencies.
    $> git clone
    $> cd content-hash
    $> npm install

For browser only usage, installation is not required.

🛠 Usage

Import the module in order to use it :

  • NodeJS :
    const contentHash = require('content-hash')
  • Browser :
    <!--From CDN-->
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <!--From local module-->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/dist/index.js"></script>

To rebuild the browser version of the package run npm run build into the root folder.


All hex string inputs can be prefixed with 0x, but it's not mandatory.

All outputs are NOT prefixed with 0x

contentHash.decode( string ) -> string

This function takes a content hash as a hex string and returns the decoded content as a string.

const encoded = 'e3010170122029f2d17be6139079dc48696d1f582a8530eb9805b561eda517e22a892c7e3f1f'
const content = contentHash.decode(encoded)
// 'QmRAQB6YaCyidP37UdDnjFY5vQuiBrcqdyoW1CuDgwxkD4'

contentHash.fromIpfs( string ) -> string

This function takes an IPFS address as a base58 encoded string and returns the encoded content hash as a hex string.

const ipfsHash = 'QmRAQB6YaCyidP37UdDnjFY5vQuiBrcqdyoW1CuDgwxkD4'
const contentH = contentHash.fromIpfs(ipfsHash)
// 'e3010170122029f2d17be6139079dc48696d1f582a8530eb9805b561eda517e22a892c7e3f1f'

contentHash.fromSwarm( swarmHash ) -> string

This function takes a Swarm address as a hex string and returns the encoded content hash as a hex string.

const swarmHash = 'd1de9994b4d039f6548d191eb26786769f580809256b4685ef316805265ea162'
const contentH = contentHash.fromSwarm(swarmHash)
// 'e40101701b20d1de9994b4d039f6548d191eb26786769f580809256b4685ef316805265ea162'

contentHash.getCodec( contentHash ) -> string

This function takes a content hash as a hex string and returns the codec as a hex string.

const encoded = 'e40101701b20d1de9994b4d039f6548d191eb26786769f580809256b4685ef316805265ea162'
const codec = contentHash.getCodecType(encoded) // 'swarm-ns'
codec === 'ipfs-ns' // false

👨‍💻 Maintainer

🙌 Contributing

For any questions, discussions, bug report, or whatever I will be happy to answer through the issues or on my twitter 😁. PR are also welcome !

📝 License

This project is licensed under the ISC License, you can find it here.

Note that the dependencies may have a different License


npm i content-hash

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