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# Install as a global module
npm install consus -g
# Start the server daemon
consusd start
# Stop the daemon
consusd stop


Getting Started

# Clone the repository
git clone
# Enter the project directory
cd consus
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Build the project
npm run build
# Start the server
npm start

Development Scripts

  • npm test: Run the test suite
  • npm run lint: Run the linter
  • npm run build: Build the usable .dist directory
  • npm run coverage: Generate a code coverage report

Project File Structure

  • docs: Project documentation goes here
  • bin: A directory containing the consusd file for running as a global module
  • src: The project's source code
    • api: API apps that register and handle REST endpoints
    • lib: Miscellaneous library modules
    • public: Public files served to the web browser
    • store: Flux stores which contain state and consume actions
  • test: The project's tests
    • unit: Unit tests
    • functional: Functional tests