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    Store and retrive POJsO from consul keystore.



    npm install --save consul-kv-object
    var consul = require('consul')();
    var kv = require('consul-kv-object')(consul.kv);
    kv.set("test/key",{ pojo: true, nested: { yep: "asd" } });
    kv.get("test/key", function( err, res ) { } );


    Options are passed as optional second parameter.

    Option Default Meaning
    mapTypes true Perform type mapping when setting and getting
    guessTypes false Try to guess types when reading value with flags==0
    defaultType see below Default type to use when flag is not recognized
    typeMapFlags see below Type mapping array
    concurrency 10 Number of concurrent consul connections when setting values

    Type mapping

    Types are preserved using flags and flag mapping array. Each type has other flag value. When flag is not recognized or type mapping is disabled, consul-kv-object returns strings.

    Type guessing

    When using guessTypes: true consul-kv-object will try to convert consul keys to Numbers, Booleans and Dates based on built-in heuristic. Type guessing requires enabled type mapping. Types determined by flags have priority.

    Aim of type guessing is to allow operator to manually instert value into consul keystore.


    By default consul-kv-object understands and maps following types:

    • String
    • Number
    • Boolean
    • Date


    Other types can be mapped to be understood by consul-kv-object. To use custom types, pass a flag mapping array as typeMapFlags option. It should consits of:

        { match: Function, make: Function, guess: Function }, // flags: 0
        { match: Function, make: Function, guess: Function }, // flags: 1
        { match: Function, make: Function, guess: Function },    
    • match is the constructor function of your object, the one which is in instance.constructor.
    • make is a factory function which takes a string and returns instance of your object.
    • guess is a filter function, that takes a string and returns true if it is valid string representation of this type.

    Objects used with consul-kv-object should have .toString method with enough representation to re-construct object with make call.

    Build and testing

    Basic tests:

    npm test

    Test coverage:

    npm run coverage

    Acceptance tests with live consul:

    consul agent -bootstrap -server -advertise= -data-dir=/tmp/ &
    npm run acceptance


    npm i consul-kv-object

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