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Consonant-vowel patterns

This organizes all of the words in the English language into their consonant-vowel patterns. For example, the cvc.json file will have all of the English words containing a consonant, followed by a vowel, and ending in a consonant, e.g. bat, dog, sip.

There is one notable exception to the key rule for CVCe which are consonant-vowel-consonant words that end with an "e", e.g. bake, sale. These are frequently identified by educators because the final e changes the initial vowel's sound. CVCe words are included in the CVCV list, so be mindful of duplicate words.

There are two separate files for the patterns: patterns.json and short-patterns.json. The former contains all of the patterns and is quite long (9703). A more useful file is the latter, which contains all of the patterns for words that are 1-5 letters. There are are a more manageable 60 of these.

The utility of these lists is heavily dependent on the dataset, which admittedly contains some pretty strange words. Future refinements could source a new set of English words or filter out some of the most uncommon inclusions.


You can download the files from GitHub or install the package via npm:

npm i consonant-vowel-patterns

Then reference the data as JSON objects:

const cvcWords = require("consonant-vowel-patterns/lib/cvc.json");

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