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console-countdown demo


npm install console-countdown -g


This application has been developed for the needs of Pomodoro technique. Therefore, the default option is 25 minutes countdown.


You can change default number of cycles by option -c. To change time interval length you can use -i.

# Counting down five seconds:
countdown -c 5 -i 1000

Track your time

You can use option -o to define output file if you want to store data from your Pomodoro time tracking. Time records are appended to this file.

countdown -o pomodoro.csv "My first task"

Time record format is:

task;status;start time;end time

Where :

  • task is parameter without a switch option which was passed to countdown.
  • status is sign if the countdown was terminated by pressing Ctrl+C.

Playing a sound at timeout

This function is not implemented but it can be achieved it different way. For example by defining an alias.

alias coutndown=`countdown "${@}" && mplayer --really-quiet ~/beep.mp3`

List of all options

-h, --help                output usage information
-V, --version             output the version number
-c, --cycle-count <n>     number of countdown intervals (default 25)
-d, --digits <n>          number of places for digits (default 4)
-e, --hide-end-text       disable timeout text when time expires
-i, --interval <n>        set a length of time interval in millis (default 60 sec)
-o, --output-file [name]  file to append output
-s, --start-time          shows timer start time