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    A library for building decentralized applications in Typescript and Javascript, currently focused on the Tezos platform.

    ConseilJS connects to Tezos nodes for live chain data and operations and to Conseil servers for high-performance analytics on blockchain data. Internally, Cryptonomic uses Nautilus for infrastructure deployments of these services. This is the library at the core of our products – Arronax, Periscope, Harpoon and certainly Galleon. There are ReasonML bindings as well.

    Cryptonomic offers an infrastructure service - Nautilus Cloud which enables quick access to the Tezos platform along with products that make it easier build on it.


    As of version 5.0.0, ConseilJS has been split into three parts: this library, which is considered to be the core, ConseilJS-softsigner and ConseilJS-ledgersigner. This was done in an effort to make the library more portable across different environments. If neither of these additional modules meet your needs, the Signer and KeyStore interfaces can be implemented separately. In addition to a Signer and a KeyStore, fetch and logger objects are required to be provided, see below.

    For more details on how to use these libraries see their respective readme files: ConseilJS-core, ConseilJS-softsigner, ConseilJS-ledgersigner. There is also an AWS KMS signer that is compatible with ConseilJS, maintained by @tacoinfra.

    Use with Nodejs

    Add our NPM package to your project and a signing library.

    npm i conseiljs
    npm i conseiljs-softsigner
    import fetch from 'node-fetch';
    import * as log from 'loglevel';
    import { registerFetch, registerLogger, Signer, TezosMessageUtils } from 'conseiljs';
    import { KeyStoreUtils, SoftSigner } from 'conseiljs-softsigner';
    const logger = log.getLogger('conseiljs');
    logger.setLevel('debug', false);
    let signer: Signer;
    const keyStore = await KeyStoreUtils.restoreIdentityFromSecretKey('edskRgu8wHxjwayvnmpLDDijzD3VZDoAH7ZLqJWuG4zg7LbxmSWZWhtkSyM5Uby41rGfsBGk4iPKWHSDniFyCRv3j7YFCknyHH');
    signer = await SoftSigner.createSigner(TezosMessageUtils.writeKeyWithHint(keyStore.secretKey, 'edsk'), -1);

    Use with React

    We have a complete React application tutorial for you to check out.

    Use with React Native

    Project honeybadger, which is the basis for Galleon Mobile us built with ConseilJS as well. Due to limitations of react-native we re-implemented some of the necessary functionality into a separate module.

    Use with Web

        <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/cryptonomic/conseiljs/dist-web/conseiljs.min.js"
        <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/cryptonomic/conseiljs-softsigner/dist-web/conseiljs-softsigner.min.js"

    The web version sets fetch and logger internally to window.fetch and console respectively.

    A fully functional sample html page is available too.

    API Overview and Examples

    We have ready-to-use examples to copy/paste.


    There are many ways to contribute to this project. You can develop applications or dApps with it. You can submit bug reports or feature requests. You can ask questions about it on r/Tezos or the Tezos StackExchange. We certainly welcome pull requests as well.

    Other references

    Developer Handbook

    Smart Contract Development Syllabus


    Riot Dev Channel

    Cryptonomic Reddit

    The Cryptonomic Aperiodical



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