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Mongo session store for Connect

Connect MongoDB

connect-to-mongo is a MongoDB session store backed by node-mongodb-native >= 2.0. Requires mongodb >= 2.2.0 for ttl collections.

  npm install connect-to-mongo
  • db mongodb-native database object or database name (test by default)
  • collection collection name (sessions by default)
  • host db hostname ( by default)
  • port db port (27017 by default)
  • ttl ttl in milliseconds (if set it overrides cookie maxAge)
  • user user for MongoDB
  • password password for MongoDB authentication
  • ssl use SSL to connect to MongoDB (false by default)
  • url mongo connection string in form mongodb://.... You can use this field as replacement for all previous.
var connect = require('connect'),
  MongoStore = require('connect-to-mongo')(connect),
  app = connect();
  store: new MongoStore(options), secret: 'keyboard cat'

For using it with express just replace connect with express in the example above.