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TingoDB session store for Connect. This is a complete copy of connect-mongo, but using tingo instead.


connect-tingo supports only connect >= 1.0.3.

via npm:

$ npm install connect-tingo


With express:

var express = require('express');
var TingoStore = require('connect-tingo')(express);

    secret: settings.cookie_secret,
    store: new TingoStore({
      db: settings.folderLocation

With connect:

var connect = require('connect');
var TingoStore = require('connect-tingo')(connect);

Removing expired sessions

connect-tingo uses TingoDB's TTL collection feature (2.2+) to have tingodb automatically remove expired sessions. (tingodb runs this check every minute.)

Note: By connect/express's default, session cookies are set to expire when the user closes their browser (maxAge: null). In accordance with standard industry practices, connect-tingo will set these sessions to expire two weeks from their last 'set'. You can override this behavior by manually setting the maxAge for your cookies -- just keep in mind that any value less than 60 seconds is pointless, as tingodb will only delete expired documents in a TTL collection every minute.

For more information, consult connect's session documentation