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connect session store for SQL Server, using tedious.



The simplest sample requires a SQL Server 2008+ database with a table created as follows

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Sessions](
  [Sid] varchar(255) NOT NULL
  [Expires] datetimeoffset NOT NULL,
  [Sess] nvarchar(MAX) NULL

The session store can then be created

var express = require('express');
var session = require('express-session');
var TediousStore = require('connect-tedious')(session);
var app = express.createServer()
        secret: 'mysecret',
        store: new TediousStore({
            config: {
                userName: 'mydbuser',
                password: 'mydbpassword',
                server: 'localhost',
                options: {
                  instanceName: 'SQLEXPRESS',
                  database: 'mydatabase'


Class TediousStore:

  • new TediousStore(options, connectionString)

    • options: Object
      • config: Object The same configuration that would be used to create a tedious Connection.
      • tableName: String The table name. Defaults to [dbo].[Sessions].
      • sidColumnName: String The session Id column name. Defaults to [Sid].
      • sessColumnName: String The session content column name. Defaults to [Sess].
      • expiresColumnName: String The session expiration column name. Defaults to [Expires].
      • minConnections: Number The minimum number of connections to keep in the pool. Defaults to 0.
      • maxConnections: Number The maximum number of connections to keep in the pool. Defaults to 100.
      • idleTimeout: Number The number of milliseconds before closing an unused connection. Defaults to 30000.
    • connectionString: String A connection string that can be used to specify all database related options.


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