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Request timeout middleware for Express/Connect


npm install connect-request-timeout


var reqTimeout = require('connect-request-timeout');
app.use(reqTimeout() );



Returns Connect middleware that throws an error after the specified request timeout elapses.

Default behavior:

  • Delay defaults to DEFAULT_TIMEOUT, or DEFAULT_UPLOAD_TIMEOUT if Content-Type: multipart/form-data is set
  • Once the timer expires, an error is thrown
  • If res.writeHead or res.write are called before the timer expires, then the timer is reset. This may continue for a maximum of maxTimeout ms.

Options include:

  • timeout (defaults to 10 seconds)
  • uploadTimeout (defaults to 1 minute)
  • maxTimeout - the maximum number of ms to wait for a request even if the server is writing data to the ServerResponse Object (defaults to 10 mins.)
  • errorPrototype - the type of Error to throw (defaults to Error)

Functions added to the request object:

  • req.setTimeout([delay, errorProto]) - sets/resets the timeout for this request
  • req.clearTimeout() - clears the timeout for this request
  • req.getTimeout() - returns the timeout for this request, not the number of ms remaining.