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Pinba middleware for Connect node.js framework, using node-pinba.

Pinba is a MySQL storage engine that acts as a realtime monitoring/statistics server using MySQL as a read-only interface. Connect-pinba brings data automatic statistics sending to Pinba server from your node.js application.

Check out the Github repo for the source code.


You can install this module via npm:

$> npm install connect-pinba


This middleware must be on the first called.

var connect_pinba = require('connect-pinba');
var connect = require('connect');
var server = connect.createServer(
    schema:       'http',
    server_name:  '',
    pinba_server: 'pinbadb.vlan'
  function(req, res) {
      res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain' });
      res.end('Hello World');

connect_pinba take only one parameter, a hash that will be passed to Pinba.Request constructor. See node-pinba docs for detailed information.


To contribute any patches, simply fork this repository using GitHub and send a pull request to me. Thanks!


MIT license. See license text in file LICENSE.