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Similar to connect-vhoster, but mounts apps to a resource rather than a subdomain.

You give connect-mounter a path to a directory with other directores that contain server.js or app.js and export a connect app, it mounts them according to the name of the directory.


git clone git://
cd connect/mounter/examples/
ls mounts/
# eggman/ walrus/
node server 4080 &
curl http://localhost:4080/eggman
curl http://localhost:4080/walrus


npm install mounter


(function () {
  "use strict";

  var mounter = require('connect-mounter')
    , port = process.argv[2]
    , server


  function listening() {'Listening on ' + server.address().address + ':' + server.address().port);

  if (port) {
    server = mounter.listen(port, listening);
  } else {
    server = mounter.listen(listening);