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connect-lesscss is Connect middleware that compiles LESS to CSS. Since express is built on top of Connect, connect-lesscss will allow you to compile LESS with expressjs.


npm install connect-lesscss


Example using express:

less = require('connect-lesscss')
app = require('express').createServer()

app.use("/main.css", less("path/to/main.less", {
  paths: ["path/to/other/less/files"]


The middleware builder takes two arguments source and options

  • source: The path to the main .less file to compile
  • options: Object of options with the following keys
    • paths: Array of paths to .less files for @imports

If options.paths is not defined, it will default to the directory containing the source file (path.dirname(source)).

Running Tests

Install development dependencies npm --dev install

Run Tests

cake test

To build js from coffee

cake build

To build and run tests

cake build test