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Middleware for proxying and manipulating images

This module allows you to manipulate and convert images on the fly.

It provides:

  • Resizing of images
  • Conversion of images to grayscale
  • Conversion of images into different formats
  • Only proxies images from the same domain that the proxy is running on - not an open proxy (this could be easily changed in future)


npm install connect-image-proxy

and then in your code (eg an Express app):

var image_proxy = require('connect-image-proxy');


  // mount the proxy at '/proxy'
  app.use( '/proxy', image_proxy() );


  • Resize: hostname/route/?url=[url]&resize=1&height=[height]&width=[width]
  • Grayscale: hostname/route/?url=[url]&grayscale=1
  • Conversion [JPG, PNG, GIF]: hostname/route/?url=[url]&format=[format]
  • Conversion + Grayscale + Resize: hostname/route/?url=[url]&format=png&grayscale=1&resize=1&height=[height]&width=[width]

Example app

There is an example app in the examples folder that demonstrates the basic features.


  • Allow user to specify a list of hostnames to proxy for, not just the same host as the proxy is running on.
  • Add proper caching headers, or at least repeat the cache headers of the original image.