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Hem is a project for compiling JavaScript CommonJS modules. It acts as either a server, or a compiler for static sites. Sometimes when using hem you would like to use Node.js to write server logic. connect-hem provides the benefits of hem from within a connect or express application # Installation

npm install connect-hem


Example using express:

hem = require('connect-hem');
app = require('express').createServer();

  jsPath: '/js/main.js',         // JavaScript ill be served at /js/main.js
  slug: __dirname + "/slug.json" // Load configuration from hem slug file


The middleware builder takes one argument, options, which is an Object

  • jsPath: The path which will seve the compiled JavaScript: Default: '/application.js'
  • slug: Path to slug.json file. Default: './slug.json'
  • libs: Array of additional static js files to include. Default: []
  • paths: Array of paths to locations of your script files. Default: ['./app']
  • dependencies: Array of depenent modules to include in your app. Default: []

If slug is defined, and it is './slug.json' by default, the file will be loaded, and any options in the slug will override any default options or options passed to the middleware

Running Tests

Install development dependencies npm --dev install

Run Tests

cake test

To build js from coffee

cake build

To build and run tests

cake build test