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connect-fuse is a connect middlware wrapper around Fuse. Fuse is a tool to fuse multiple JavaScript or HTML files into one.


To use fuse within Express, you must install fuse-connect. fuse-connect is a connect middlware wrapper for Fuse.

[sudo] npm install fuse-connect --save


Fuse uses inline comment-based directives to determine which files you'd like to fuse. You can use @depends, @import or @include as the directive.

For usage guidelines, see the Fuse readme.

With express

Make sure you've installed fuse-connect. You can then include fuse-connect to bind requests to particular files to fuse, so that they're automatically updated upon request.

var fuse = require('fuse-connect');
var filesToFuse = [
	{src: '/path/to/src-file.js', dest: '/path/to/dest-file.js'},
	{src: '/path/to/src-file.html', dest: '/path/to/dest-file.html'}

// add fuse-connect to the middleware