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Bringing the literate programing tool docco as a connect/express middleware.

Nothing fancy, the idea is to generate dynamically upon request a docco generated page from files.

or simply to get immediate results of docco against local files, which happen to be quite handy.

** New Hot Stuff:** A mix of docco, and watch. Save files, get immediate results and see the docco page updated automatically.


npm install connect-docco

or if you intend to use the connect-docco bin, you may want to install globally: npm install connect-docco -g



connect-docco --port 5678 --dirname ../../any/folder/you/want

command line arguments overrides the defaults configuration:

  • port: 8082
  • dirname: pwd

connect middleware

Here is an example of a basic connect server setup using docco middleware with logger, static and directory.


The middleware handle any docco-compatible extension and next() to the directory/static connect layers if the file extension is not one of the following:

  • .coffee
  • .js
  • .json
  • .rb
  • .py

You'll have to append a docco querystring parameter (eg. http://localhost:8082/path/to/js/files.js?docco) to get the output of docco for path/to/js/files.js

The docco middleware, if given an app instance (that is the server created by express/connect or http.createServer), will walk the dir and watch for any file changes. It then emits back to clients the new content to display.

var app = connect.createServer();

  .use(docco(conf.dirname, {
    // provides the app reference, so that we could add some sugar
    app: app

This is basic, but ends up working pretty well.