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Request information forwarding to Cube using UDP or Websockets. Built out of frustration at trying to get Graphite running.


$ npm install connect-cube


var connectCube = require("connect-cube");

//Setup connect/express middleware with default options

//Setup connect/express middleware with custom options
	host: 'udp://',
	port: 1234

Note: You must prefix the host option with udp:// or ws://.

Default options:

  • Host: udp://localhost
  • Port: 1180
  • Prefix: ""

If you choose to use WebScocket, you will also need to change the port, whic defaults to the UDP port. The standard Cube collector WebSocket port is 1080.

Using UDP is fire and forget, whilst using WebSockets may throw errors if the target Cube collector is not running or not accessible.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.