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boobst (Caché DB) session store for connect


connect-boobst is a Intersystems Caché session store backed by boobst.

via npm:

npm install connect-boobst

To start connect-boobst, you have to pass function, returning an instance of boobst class, thus permitting the usage of existing connections or server configurations.

Using an existing connection:

  • boobst Existing connection reference (instance of Boobst)

Or with a function:

  • getConnection

Other options:

  • global Name of a global where session will be stored
  • ns Namespace
var connect = require('connect')
    , ConnectBoobst = require('connect-boobst')
    , BoobstSocket = require('boobst').BoobstSocket
    , sessionStore = new ConnectBoobst({
     boobst: new BoobstSocket(
            host: 'localhost'
            , port: 6666
        secret: 'secret'
        , store: sessionStore