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Windows Azure session store for connect/express backed by the bluesky API


connect-bluesky is a node.js connect/express session store backed by the bluesky API for Windows Azure.

$ npm install connect-bluesky
var express = require('express'),
    BlueskyStore = require('connect-bluesky')(express);
app.configure(function() { 
  // ... 
    secret: 'your secret here', 
    store: new BlueskyStore({
      account: 'yourAzureAccount',
      key: 'yourAzureAccountKey',
      table: 'tableName'
  // ... 
  • account: The name of the Windows Azure storage account to use
  • key: The access key used to authenticate into this storage account
  • table: The name of the table to use (will be created if it does not already exist)

There is an example application in the example directory.

connect-bluesky was inspired by, and patterned after, connect-redis