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Conga.js bundle for asset merging and minfication using connect-assetmanager


This is a bundle for the Conga.js framework which handles the merging and minification of javascript and css assets using the connect-assetmanager module.


// config.yml

    # enable asset compilation
    enabled: true
    # should a version be appended
    appendVersion: true

    # version parameter name (/js/src.js?v=1234)
    versionParameter: v

    # version number to append to querystrings
    version: v1.0

    # templates to parse asset paths from
        - demo-bundle:layout.jade
        - demo-bundle:chat/index.jade

To combine assets in your templates, use the provided assets() template helper.

asset(destination, assetType, sourceFiles)

Jade example:

# layout.jade
!= assets('/js/src.js', 'javascript', ['/js/user.js', '/js/jst.js', '/bundles/demo-bundle/js/*'])