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    Manage the configuration of your Nodejs application with multiple environments and custom preferences, utilizing Configuru in CI and development as well!


    Configuru is a library for configuration management. Merge default project configuration with your user config, you can link yo your project. Atop of that, override your configuration with system environment variables.

    • 😌 Tailored for multi-developer comfort
    • Cast and transforms inputs to correct type
    • 💙 Typescript friendly
    • 💪 Designed for multi-environment apps
    • 🙈 Anonymized configuration for logger
    • 💬 JSONC support

    Getting started

    1. Install
    npm install configuru
    1. Create .env.jsonc in root of your project, add defaults or placeholders.
      // HTTP server
      "SERVER_PORT": 3000 // port the server will be listening on
    1. (optional) As a developer (or environment), create a custom override file (e.g. ~/.env/my-project.jsonc) and save the path in your CFG_JSON_PATH.

    2. Create a configuration module (e.g. config.ts)

    import { createLoader, values } from 'configuru'
    // create loader that cascades overrides and creates a config storage
    const loader = createLoader()
    // Pass configuration schema to `values` transformer to get configuration
    export default values({
      server: {
        // use loader accessors, place them in custom structure
        // loader parses correct type from store
        port: loader.number('SERVER_PORT'),
    1. Use your configuration params throughout your app
    import config from './config' // e.g. { server: { port: 3000 } }
    console.log(config.server.port) // 3000


    See also

    • config - Simple JSON config loader using NODE_ENV
    • dotenv - Load your configuration file to process.ENV
    • cosmiconfig - Traverse your filesystem to load find your lost configuration file
    • configstore - KV storage for configuration
    • figgy-pudding - Config object builder / storage

    Know other popular projects that solve the same issue? Open a PR to help people find what they need!


    This project is licensed under MIT.


    npm i configuru

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