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The last date-input polyfill you will ever need. A fancy and lightweight datepicker with a high number of configuration options for all needs. Supports any calendar format and contains a large amount of localizations.

Just include this simple script and IE, Firefox, and OS X Safari will support <input type="date">, without any dependencies, not even jQuery!

Forked from date-input-polyfill. Continuing as a separate project.



  • Easily Stylable. These are the default styles, which you may override with your own.
  • Accessibility friendly with Keyboard Shortcuts. Full arrow controls Up/Down/Left/Right to increment/decrement the selected date. Esc to hide the datepicker.
  • Easy Localization. Specify the datepicker's locale by setting the lang attribute of the input element. The Localisation is easy to extend with own items.
  • Limit the range to choose from by setting the min and max attributes.
  • Configure display format at will. Specify the display format by setting either the date-format or data-date-format attribute of the input element.
  • Configure the first day of the week. By setting the data-first-day attribute you can set the calendar matrix format to any standard. Value of this attribute can be sa,su or mo.
  • Polyfill can be added with class date-polyfill.
  • Polyfill works with valueAsDate and valueAsNumber. Learn more about these properties. They behave as getters and setters.
  • Change detection of input attributes via MutationObserver always keeps the datepicker up to date.
  • Ensure a consistent look and feel for date inputs across all browsers by forcing the use of the polyfill.


npm install --save configurable-date-input-polyfill

Add to your project:

  • Webpack/Browserify: require('configurable-date-input-polyfill');

  • Babel: import 'configurable-date-input-polyfill';

  • Script Tag: Copy configurable-date-input-polyfill.dist.js from node_modules and include it anywhere in your HTML.

<script src="./dist/configurable-date-input-polyfill.dist.js"></script>

<script src="node_modules/configurable-date-input-polyfill/dist/configurable-date-input-polyfill.dist.js"></script>
  • This package supports AMD.


<!--default dont need to be specified-->
<input type="date" lang="en" />

<input type="date" lang="fr" />

Min and Max

  • By setting the min and max attributes you can change the range of available date options. In case you are faced with an input without type date, it is recommended to use data-min and data-max.
<!--default dont need to be specified-->
<input type="date" min="1800-01-01" max="3000-01-01"/>

<input type="date" min="2015-02-15" max="2030-01-01" />

<!--custom for non type date-->
<input type="text" class="date-polyfill" data-min="2015-02-15" data-max="2030-01-01" />


  • You can easily specify the display format by setting either the date-format or data-date-format attribute of the input element. The default format is yyyy-mm-dd. Available options list.
<!--default dont need to be specified-->
<input type="date" date-format="yyyy-mm-dd" />

<input type="date" data-date-format="mm/dd/yyyy" />

<input type="date" data-date-format="" />

First day of the Week (Matrix Formatting)

  • Specify the first day of the week. You can use the data-first-day attribute to change the day the week starts between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
<!--default dont need to be specified-->
<input type="date" data-first-day="su" />

<input type="date" data-first-day="mo" />

<input type="date" data-first-day="sa" />

Force Polyfill

  • Ensure a consistent date input experience across all browsers by forcing the use of the polyfill. To do this you have to add data-force-polyfill="true" to an specific date input element.
<!--default uses browser based date input-->
<input type="date" />

<!--forces use of date input polyfill-->
<input type="date" data-force-polyfill="true" />

<!--forcing the polyfill in configured date input-->
<input type="date" class="date-polyfill" data-min="2015-02-15" data-max="2030-01-01" data-force-polyfill="true" />

Browser support


  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10+


  • iOS Safari 7+
  • Samsung Internet 11+


Feel free to contribute. Whether it's a feature request or a pull request, any type of contribution is welcome.


  • To start modifying the project, you will need to run npm install in the package folder.
  • After modifying the project files, you will need to run npm run build to apply your changes.
  • It is recommended to use npm run watch when making large changes.


  • When your changes are ready to be used in production, you need to run npm run production.
  • After that, the modified package is ready for use. Pull Requests of any kind are strongly encouraged!

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