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    Lightweight typescript configuration handler, supporting config files, default values and dot notation paths.


    npm install configstore-ts


    import ConfigTS from "configstore-ts";
    interface IConfig {
      foo: string;
      bar: string;
    const config = new ConfigTS<IConfig>(null, {
      foo: "foo-value"
    config.get("foo"); // config-foo
    config.get<IConfig["foo"]>("foo"); // config-foo
    config.has("foo"); // true
    config.has("bar"); // false
    config.get("bar"); // throws error
    config.set("bar", "bar-value")
    config.has("bar"); // true
    config.get("bar"); // 123456"bar", "123456"); // true
    config.unset("bar"); // false
    config.has("bar"); // false
    config.get("bar"); // throws error
    config.get("bar", "default-value"); // default-value
    // dot-notation usage for nested properties 
    config.get("") // throws error
    config.get("", "default-value") // default value
    config.set("foo", {bar: "baz"});
    config.get("") // baz
    config.get("", "default-value") // default valuebaz


    ConfigTS(filePath?, defaults?);
    filePath: string

    Optional. Path to config file to read from or write to. Example: path.join(__dirname, "./config.json") Avoid usage of relative paths!

    defaults: Partial<T>

    Optional. Define default values.

    Properties from filePath and defaults will be merged, where filePath properties will override defaults duplicate properties.

    .get<T>(key: string, default?: any): T

    No value found bt key, will return default value if defined, otherwise throws an error. T is optional.

    .is(key: string, value: any): boolean

    Is store value strict equal to value param.

    .has(key: string): boolean

    Does property exist on store.

    .set<T>(key: string, value: T): ConfigTS

    Adds new property to store. dont-notation property-keys will throw error if toplevel object is undefined!

    .unset(key: string)

    Removes key from store.


    Returns entire store object

    .size(): number

    Number of keys in toplevel store object.


    Sets store object to empty object


    Will write to config file. Throws an error if no filePath is specified.

    .path(): string

    Returns path to config file.


    npm i configstore-ts

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