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configm Build Status

merging your config


npm install configm


var configm = require('configm')('sample.json', process.env.HOME);

initialize configm - the config will be saved to sample.json and process.env.HOME will be used as global directory

configm.set({ key: value }, callback);
// equals
configm.set('key', value, callback);

applies the object/keyvalue pair to the config at the local directory

configm.set(key, value, 'g', callback);

applies the keyvalue pair to the global directory

configm.get([dir], callback)

gets the config. dir defaults to current working directory

+-- HOME (global)
    +-- sample.json
        { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 }

+-- Parent
    +-- sample.json
    |   { b: 3, c: 4, d: 5 }
    +-- workingDir
        +-- sample.json
            { c: 5, d: 6, e: 7 }

will return

{a:1, b:3, c:5, d:6, e:7}