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Easy deployment configuration

With configist you get the possibility to configure your application in various ways (in precedence order):

  • config in package.json
  • config:{environment} in package.json
  • environment variables
  • command line arguments
  • custom objects

Let's say the configuration is like this:

// package.json 
  "config": {
    "listen": ""
  "config:development": {
    "db": "mongodb://localhost"
  "config:production": {
    "listen": "",
    "db": "mongodb://"

Basic usage:

var config = require('configist')().use(require('./package.json'));

Output when NODE_ENV=development (or not given):

{ listen: '',
  db: 'mongodb://localhost',
  env: 'development' }

Output when NODE_ENV=production:

{ listen: '',
  db: 'mongodb://',
  env: 'production' }

You can change the configuration dynamically. The commands are all equivalent and sets the listen parameter:

node . --listen=:3000
npm start --listen=:3000
LISTEN=:3000 node .
LISTEN=:3000 npm start

You can load multiple configurations:

var configist = require('configist')();
configist.use(null, {
  base_url: ''
configist.use('development', {
  shared_secret: 'sg4lWb15Lt7OZYR/yyly3S1HrVou1xMN'

Happy hacking!

By the way, you can install it:

npm install configist